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An Inquiry into Eidolatria and Contemporary Drawing in Italy

A4GOD verrà presentato con due eventi a Bologna, in occasione di BilBolBul, festival internazionale di fumetto.
Venerdì 2 marzo, alle 18:30 presso l'Officina Teatrale de' Maicontenti con anche la presentazione dello split 12" limited edition "Aquarius Omega/Ottaven" (Pomo/Sonic Belligeranza).
Domenica 4 marzo, alle 15:00 presso Modo Infoshop, presentazione del volume A4GOD con i curatori e la sonorizzazione a titolo "Vangeli apocrifi e gospel psichedelici" a cura di Uyuni, M-Tabe e Brace.

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The Printers Paradise: Imaginary landscapes

My subjectivity feeds on events. The most varied events: a riot, a sexual fiasco, a meeting, a memory, a rotten tooth. Reality, as it evolves, sweeps me with it. I'm struck by everything and, though not everything strikes me in the same way, I am always struck by the same basic contradiction: although I can always see how beautiful anything could be if only I can change it, in practically every case there is nothing I can really do. Everything is changed into something else in my imagination, then the dead weight of things changes it back into what it was in the first place. A bridge between imagination and reality must be built.

The Revolution of Everyday Life: The Reversal of Perspective by Raoul Vaneigem

Photopolymer etching 28x38cm, 2011
“The Printers Paradise” exhibition, Ground Left Floor Gallery, London