Sunday, April 4, 2010

Open doors

The door is a symbol of border, of passage from a dimension to another one, from inside to outside.It can be open or closed.From the door to the house, an intimate space of identification, from house to city, extensive space of passage or stay where peoples, races and religions live together.Sometimes it's more difficult to open own doors.
In this work I wanted to represent the individual and his will to open. Houses, like individuals, are many and different from each other. All doors are open to signify the choice of every individual, they rapesent the human will to open to exchange.
For this reason the title of my work is "the open doors", it's my strong opinion that doors and borders can became place of exchange not of division.

etching, 25x30cm, 2009
"Premio Iceberg 2009"
"Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and Mediterranean", Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje.

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