Friday, September 3, 2010

Scripta Manent

This work was showed at "Gemine : Muse" event. The exhibitions was in the "Palace of the Archiginnasio" a historic home of the University of Bologna and currently houses of the Municipal Library.
I decided to focus my work on the knowledge's process.
I considered the knowledge as something that can be breathed in certain places, made up by layers and time and that can be expressed in every single book, through its pages and its words.
With a red thread I sewed plenty of pages from several books to remind the knowledge's process.
"Verba volant scripta manent", spoken words fly away, written words remain.

Scripta Manent
installation site specific, pages of books hand-sewn with red thread


  1. scripta manent et verba volant..
    però...perdonami la licenza poetica..CAZZO..
    è bellissimo...

  2. spacchi enri!
    come va in london?
    voglio venire a trovarti!

  3. Grazie mille, mi fa piacere, anche i tuoi lavori sono molto belli!

    Chiara, tutto bene, vieni a trovarmi quando vuoi, ci sono un sacco di cose da vedere, sono sicura che Londra ti piacerebbe un sacco.

  4. affascinante opera, devi averci messo secoli a cucire tutti quei fogli! Mi piace molto il tuo stile, ora faccio un giro sul resto del tuo blog :)

  5. Bellissimo davvero...