Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Printers Paradise

Sonora in the Wick documents the development of “The Printers Paradise”, a project that focus on eco-friendly printmaking techniques together with a reflection upon the effects of our actions (both as persons and as society) on the planet in which we live. There is the aim of speculate and reinforce awareness on our responsibilities towards our habitat, and possibly create the premises for other self-initiated projects in this direction.
As an example of the passage from an industrial era to a more environment-friendly one, we are reflecting on the transformation of the area of Hackney Wick (London), a neighbourhood once characterised by the presence of several high polluting factories. Many of the premises were occupied by printers, publishers and print related industries, and for this reason the area was known as “The Printers Paradise”. Today most of the industrial production, included the print industries, have abandoned the quarter and in their place young creative industries have populated the same buildings. We find extremely inspiring and meaningful the fact that the same buildings once used as factories are today the house of artists and designers.
We believe that ideas and creativeness are a resource to introduce a new environment-friendly production and we want to promote the idea of a renewed “Printers Paradise”, with the introduction of innovative printing techniques that have dismissed their toxic aspects and that encourage the idea of humans living and working in harmony with nature, like in a paradise.

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